Sausage stuffer tube for Italian Sausage?

Discussion in 'Sausage' started by gruversm, Jan 18, 2016.

  1. Which size diameter tube do you prefer to use when making Italian sausage?  Do you prefer 3/4" OD or 1" OD?
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    It will depend on the casing you use. The only time I use my 1" tube is when I am filling summer sausage casings or ground meat bags.

    Somewhere here there is a list of casing and tube sizes, type it into the search. I want to say I use 29-32 mm casings for most "larger" sausages.
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    Yep, what he said.....

    Casing size determines the tube needed, but either would probably work.  As long as you can hold your hand around the casing to control the casing flow onto the meat coming out of the tube it should work.  One closer to the proper size would probably work better (less tendency for meat to back up on the outside of the tube towards the roll of casings and your hand), but it should be manageable in a pinch.
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