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Discussion in 'Sausage' started by crestliner, Dec 24, 2011.

  1. crestliner

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    Merry Christmas everyone. My question is i am ready to start my deer sausage making. This year i went through butcher & packer and got their pre mixed summer sausage mix. It says add the water and cure . Do i need to add a meat binder or encapsulated citric acid. i do like the tang. Thanks for any input
  2. doctord1955

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    You really dont need to add a binder.  Whar ratio of deer beef an pork r u going to use?  U can use citric acid or powgered buttermilk or fermento for tang.
  3. crestliner

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    my meat is 70 deer and 30 pork. i already have the citric acid so i will go that way. thanks for the info
  4. if you bought a kit maybe those ingredients are in it already?

    too much encapsulated citric acid will give a very strong vinegar like flavor
  5. nepas

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    More than likely your kits has a binder in it already.

    Binder types are.

    SPC. AKA Soy Protein Concentrate.

    Whey powder

    Buckwheat flour

    Soy flour

    Powder dry milk

    Corn syrup solids

    Fat (pork or beef)

    Corn Syrup. AKA Clear Karo

    Rice flour

    Gelatin (mostly for lunch meat style)

    Flavor Additives can be just about anything.

    Dry milk


    Buttermilk Powder


    Ames Phos

    Apple sauce (will act like Ames Phos and make a moister product)




    Powdered CA (Use wisely or you will have white mush or dry white yuk) Powdered CA starts to work right away unlike ECA

    Note: If you use a kit dont be afraid to add extras like Cayenne, Peppers. Normally salt should be avoided in kits unless you like it salty.

    PS Seasoning makes all the Cabelas Brand Smokehouse kits.
  6. venture

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    A guide I always use is to make a small batch first.  Then I can make modifications if I wish.  The premix is meant to be used as is.  Doesn't mean it will be perfect for you?

    Good luck and good smoking.
  7. hoity toit

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    I use powdered milk as a binder but its really not necessary. Be careful with the citric acid especially if you are using a grinder with stuffer attatchment as it will break down the citric crystals  and can come out vinegary.
  8. mballi3011

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    I to have always used powered milk for a binder. I heard about it in here and it works so if it ain't broke don't fix it.

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