Sausage, pulled pork and provolone fatties with bacon weave

Discussion in 'Fatties' started by gerk, Oct 25, 2014.

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    This happened at my house today ... actually three of these :)  Leftover pulled pork from last week pulled from the freezer (yes we actually had leftovers from last week's pulled pork smoke ;.. but in defense I did do two entire boston butts last weekend in the smoker ;) )

    Didn't get any in progress shots, just cooked and sliced -- but you guys know what they look like going in :D

    Mild italian sausage wrap, bacon weave that I did a fresh maple syrup glaze on at the end of the cook, stuffed with leftover pulled pork, a bit of home made BBQ sauce and provolone cheese  Best fatties I've done yet by a loooong shot :)  Even the missus went nuts for them and she doesn't even like fatties (or so she thought hehehe).

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    That's a great looking fattie
  3. Very neat. Love the diagonal weave.

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