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  1. looking for advise as to how much summer sausage can be done in camp chef pellet grill. was thinking with a 2 nd rack i could do 25 lbs, or approx. 7 sticks. my old smoker died and have not used the pellet grill for sausage yet. any input on this type of grill for summer sausage or snack sticks would be helpful........ have used this grill for prime rib,jerky,pulled pork, turkey, and brisket and luv it so far..... thx in advance.
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    i get 10 pounds of snack sticks in my traeger texas jr,,,,just one layer

    I tried a double rack but temps varied too much for me....lotsa cold spots in the center of the upper rack

    I mix and stuff then smoke for an hour...then i bump the heat to 180 on the dial and let er go for 90 minutes til internal temp hits 152,,pull em off and into the fridge to cool down
  3. thx for the reply......doing 12 lb of summer sausage tomarrow.... will see how it fits and cooks
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    Did you get them going?? 

    We're waiting for some pics you know [​IMG]   [​IMG]

    A full smoker is a happy smoker 

  5. sorry, no pics of the smoke but got a money shot..... ended up doing 12 lbs of summer sausage. the mix was from curleys and its pretty good. added some course gr pepper and mustard seed.. ran it on low smoke for 12 hrs....I.T. was 144....bumped it to 175 and it hit 153 in 2 hrs. have heard about wild temp swings with some pellet rigs but this was is very steady. a lot of time it just bounced between 154 and 162.

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    Looks great,,,Texture looks spot on,, Nice job 


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