Sausage fest meeting meal on the fly

Discussion in 'General Discussion' started by crankybuzzard, Aug 13, 2016.

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    Last night 2 of my sausage making friends came over so we could begin the planning stages for our September sausage making fest. Ok, it was also a good excuse to have a few adult beverages.

    Around 10 we were getting hungry, so I grabbed a few vac packed items chopped them up, and made us some taco filling.

    Smoked chicken breast that had been brined and cured, loin ham, and some corned beef.

    While I was chopping the meats up, I sautéed some yellow onion, green onions with tops, and garlic. I seasoned the veggies with my Italian blend.

    Meats all chopped up and into the skillet with a little Sriracha sauce for a slight kick.

    All done! Bad picture of the result and I forgot to take a pic of the tacos!

    All of the guys loved my cured meats tacos and we've decided that this will become a regular item.

    Oh yeah, here's what my bride made for herself and the other ladies... Not as exciting to me. :biggrin:

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    Sounds like a great evening meal!

    The fish looks pretty good to me too!

  3. Looks Good to me 

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