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  1. For helping me with a couple questions a few weeks ago, here are the pictures of Sausage Fest 2015 as promised. This is the first time me and my buddy have made and smoked sausage. We made 15 lbs of snack sticks, 15 lbs of Summer Sausage, and 25 lbs of brats with Owens BBQ Wisconsin style flavor. Everything turned out great, especially the brats. It was A LOT of work for us, but being first timers, we took it slow and spent Friday, Saturday, and Sunday working steady.

    Our two smokers. I was running a hot plate to keep it cold enough. He has his hooked up inside. Both worked great.

    As we are alums of Michigan State, we celebrated out Cotton Bowl victory from the night before and kicked of the sausage festivities.
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    How was the owens seasoning? I have some of their philly cheese steak brats this weekend.

  3. Added some jalapeños to 5 lbs of Summer Sausage.

    Sticks ground and in the fridge wait to be stuffed.

    Got all 50 lbs ground and seasoned. Got the Sticks and Summer Sausage stuffed and in the fridge on Friday. Started around 1:30 and went thru dinner [​IMG]  until around 9:30. I didn't get all the pics that I wanted of the process, but you get the idea.

    Then we fired up his Bradly as we were finishing for the night and smoked 4 lbs of wings on some Pecan for supper.

    Finished them on the grill with a little Sweet Baby Rays. That and some beer hit the spot after a busy day.


  4. Brats stuffed. We were going to smoke them, but ran out of time so just bagged them to freeze. We did eat some for lunch on Saturday. No Q view, sorry, but they were awesome. Owens BBQ Wisconsin blend with a little hard cider thrown in. Sweet, but they had a little kick. 20 pounds plain, 5 lbs with cheddar.

    While we stuffed the brats, we had the sticks and summer sausage cold smoking. We let them smoke for 6 hours I think, and then finished them in the oven. Some had cheddar in them too. Turned out well. We use regular seasoning kits and smoked some on hickory and some on cherry.

  5. Got up bright and early on Sunday and bagged and tagged our stuff.

    Q views. We are really happy with how things turned out all in all.

    Ready to be divided and eaten. We started around 1:30 Friday and finished around 12:00 Sunday. We didn't know what to expect when we started our venture. In some ways it was easier than I thought, and in a lot of ways it took a lot of time. The biggest thing we concluded is we need a bigger grinder. Oh well, we still had a great time and made and ate some great food.
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    :points: for a great time and cook

  7.  Before I left to drive the 2 hours home, we threw some T-bones on the grill for lunch. Thanks for look'n, and thanks for the help. I have lurked around a few years and have learned a lot.
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    Wow, that is awesome ! Nice job ! Thumbs Up
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    Great job!
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    That's a nice load of sausages there..... Here's how to divide it up...............2 for me 1 for you, 3 for me 2 for you, 4 for me 1 for you

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    Looks great! Nice smoke!
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    I love making sausage and/or BBQ with a group of friends!

    Looks like all of you had a great time and kicked out some wonderful product as well.
  13. Grilled up a couple brats for dinner tonight so I thought I would give you the qview. These brats are a 50/50 mix of venison and pork. The summer sausage and sticks are a 70/30 mix.

    My dog was waiting for me to drop that piece. I didn't notice him in the pic until I took it. [​IMG]
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    Nice job on all the sausages !  Everything looks great !!!! [​IMG]
  15. How are you storing the sausages they looked vacuum packed?
  16. Yeah, we vacuumed packed everything to throw in the freezer.

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