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  1. Hello all,

    I been trying a few different flavors this fall. I cannot however seemed to get a good texture, or one that I atleast like.

    It either is too dry and a bit crumbly or too pastie (if that makes sense),kinda like the consistency of liver after ya chew on it for a bit

    I am using 6 pounds of deer to 4 pounds of ground pork butt...all are ground with the 3/8 plate..these are a fresh sausage,no cure or smoke

    I don't add any soy protein or anything like.

    I usually grind the meat, mix the two together, mix the seasoning with water and then combine it all together.

    Then it camps in the fridge over night and then into the casings.....

    I am looking for any help and advice if anyone has anything to share, I would greatly appreciate
  2. Venison is pretty lean, while pork butt has just about the right amount of fat on its own. My guess is that you need to add about a pound to a pound and a half of fat. Pork fat back works well.  In addition you may want to try a binder such as powdered milk. I use a cup for every 5 lbs of meat and it's made a HUGE difference.
  3. Alrighty, duely noted, thank you was kind of the way I was leaning was that it was possibly too lean
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    How much salt are you using, per pound? You need the salt to bind the proteins in the meat, otherwise it will be like you described, dry and crumbly.
    A bounce texture can be caused by over mixing, but I'm not sure thats what you mean by pastie.
  5. I am using a premix sold by the sausagemaker company, not quite sure of the salt amount

    I mix by hand for about five minutes at best guesstimate

    Pastie is where I have ground the meat too fine like a hotdog consistency and has the texture of a piece of cooked liver after ya chew er up for a bit
  6. 50/50 pork shoulder to venison.  i prefer 3/8" plate but for some reason one of my two suppliers 3/8's is a little to coarse???  i have hime run it through twice.  but 1.8% salt,  50/50 and 3/8's should work good with pork shoulder not butt
  7. I use pork butt for pork sausage, I use 30% pork trim for game sausage.
  8. I like to have 25% fat in my sausage. pork butt is 25% fat, venison is 0% so a 50/50 mix would give you only 12.5 % fat in your sausage that will work in a snack stick but be too dry for a fresh sausage you need to add more fat.
  9. use use 50-50 deer to pork as well .......... makes great sausage .......... salami,snack sticks , trail bologna , brats 

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