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  1. This Saturday I fired up the smoker. Beef short ribs, couple racks of baby backs, some sausage, bacon wrapped corn on the cob, and some the renowned Dutch's Wicked Baked Beans. Dutch, whoever you are my friend, those beans stole the show. I started with the short ribs. After about two hours smoke I moved them to an aluminum pan, added a little apple juice and squeeze butter, tight wrapped, then back on. The baby backs got the Trigg treatment and impressed all in attendance. Beef and pork ribs, had my mouth watering the whole time. With the beans in the oven i wrapped the corn and put on the smoker for the last hour of smoke while letting the ribs rest.

    prepping the ingredients to the beans

    Beef shorties hit the smoker

    shorties placed in the pan to be wrapped

    coming along nicely, almost time to wrap

    sausage cut and beef shorties are about to receive their Super Q glaze.

    crowd was gathering mouths were watering

    Love that Super Q glaze.

    Thanks for all the recommendations. Especially on the Beans. Incredible. For all wondering about the Super Q references, its just what I like to call my homemade sauce, rubs, and mops.
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    Tasty looking meal!!!
  3. Looks great Nice color. The sauce looks like it will have you licking your fingers for hours.

    Happy smoken.


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