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Discussion in 'Pork' started by jeffed76, Sep 22, 2013.

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    I wasn't planning on cooking every pig in a 3 mile radius, but it happened.  I tried Johnny Trigg ribs dry with lime, rib scrap skewers, spiral cut dogs with bacon, and a Dr. Pepper loin.  Here's the lowdown:

    Johnny Trigg ribs dry with lime - Did the basic 3-2-1 method with cherry wood.  The only prep I did was slather them in jalapeno mustard and dry rub.  When I foiled it I put in the squeeze butter, tiger sauce, honey, and added whiskey and 2 quartered limes (squeezed them over the ribs then tossed the limes in with the ribs). Surprisingly there was a good lime taste, not to overpowering.  The only thing I would have changed would be to marinate the ribs in some lemon lime soda and add some chili powder to the rub for more of a chili lime taste.

    Rib Scrap Skewers - Been trying to figure out what to do with rib scraps.  If I'm doing beans I'll throw them in, but I wanted to do something more fun.  I covered them in mustard and dry rub then applied them to the skewer.  While on the skewer I glazed them with 1:1 BBQ sauce and apple juice.  They had good flavor but were more akin to jerky.  Next time I will foil them like the ribs.

    Spiral Cut Dogs with Bacon - They tasted great and were as ugly as sin!  I'll have to go experiment with how to wrap the bacon so it is nicer looking.  It's just a spiral cut dog on a skewer with bacon wrapped into the spiral.  I think next time I'll cut the bacon in half long ways, maybe that will help.

    Dr. Pepper Pork Loin - Marinated for 24 hours in Dr. Pepper and seasoned salt, coated in mustard, and rubbed in Willingham's W'ham Seasoning rub and some creole seasoning.  I accidentally pulled it with an internal temp higher than I like, but it was still moist and delicious.  

  2. Looks like some good food to me!  [​IMG]
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    Yep I'd tear that up.
    Thanks for posting
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    Thanks guys!
  5. If I had the cash, every pig within 3 miles would be going through my smoker, regularly.  Looks delicious and it would not last long around here.

    [​IMG]                 [​IMG]                    [​IMG]

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