Saturdays Brisket today!

Discussion in 'Beef' started by puddy, Jun 6, 2014.

  1. puddy

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    Since I work second shift doing this on Friday evening/night is not an option so I'm getting this done now. The details are 11 pound brisket rubbed with SBPOP and injected w/beef broth. Why no GP? That's simple, I didn't have any. Below I have a drip pan with carrots, celery, and onions with the leftover broth. There was only about a cup left and I didn't want to toss it. Sorry no pic but then again who here hasn't seen a brisket with salt and black pepper on it before. Wood is Pitmaster, and I'm trying to hold 250-275*.

    2350 In she went temp at 300 backed off the gas almost un-noticeable

    0045 added pellets temp at 275

    0145 checked temp still holding 275

    0240 checked temp this time at 290 plugged in the meat probe as well temp read 106*. I know that seems low for this amount of time but the brisket came right out of the fridge and was injected with broth from the fridge. (Disclaimer, do not repeat my method, I should've probed straight from the beginning since I injected. That would allow me to track the 40*-140* speed.) I will begin my napping session very soon as I still have daytime obligations to attend to.

    0810 brisket is at 150* smoker at 250* I woke up a couple times since my last update and It really hung around the 140's for the last 3 hours. Was that my stall? I guess only time will tell. 

    1215 brisket is 175* smoker was almost 300* I took a peek and it is developing very nicely I just hope I can pull it out before I have to go to work at 1440.

    1310 brisket is 180* smoker 275* stuck a toothpick in it and still have a bit to go on the flat, but I thought the point was going to eat the toothpick. I expected the point to act that way though.

    1430 I pulled at 196* double wrapped and into the cooler. I will try to post the one pic that I took with my phone during break. My wife will put the brisket into the fridge at 1800. Then tomorrow the butt goes in with the beans and abt's. Why couldn't my 7th birthday be this cool!!
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  2. puddy

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  3. puddy

    puddy Smoke Blower

    Re-heated the brisket in a nesco set at 250 with beef broth. It was about as good as I have ever made before. Everyone loved it. It was tender, moist, and had a pretty good bark. This was my first time going really simple with a brisket, I usually go way more elaborate with a rub but now I have a benchmark and can build up from there.
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    Great looking brisket P... Nice job

  5. puddy

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    Thanks, I could've trimmed a bit better. But, if the crowd doesn't care neither do I.
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    Looks awesome ! I don't trim much of the fat cap personally & smoke cap up ! Makes some tasty brisket Q ! I would have no problem making some of that disappear ! :biggrin:
  7. puddy

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    I deliberately put the abt's in the tray above where the flat was, so they could only see point.

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