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    It's been awhile since I have posted anything on here so I figured I better get back into the swing of things.

    We didn't do alot on the 4th because my daughter is going to be moving to Louianna so we planned a big going away party on Saturday.

    Picked up 4 pork butts and had a case of turkey drumsticks.

    Scored fat cap. yellow mustard and a nice rib rub that I got off a box of riblets a couple years back.

    Placed in the fridge overnight.

    Around 11pm I loaded the smoker with 4 pork butts .

    Added the turkey drumsticks around 4 am (didn't take pics)

    2 hrs into smoke

    at 7am they came off rounding off at an even 200 degrees IT.

    Wrapped in foil and toweled for a couple hours.

    Took the drumsticks off around the same time (put them on frozen - long story)

    Pork butts pulled and turkey drumsticks pulled to make sure there was enough meat to go around since everyone else was brining salads.

    Party was a success and alot of comments on the food.

    Thanks for looking.
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    Looks great.. love the bark on thebutts! Yum!

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