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  1. Check out post below, not sure what happened with this one...
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    Your photo links do not work.
  3. Decided since the wife was out of town for the day, I would fire up the smoker. Did some chix legs, pork country ribs and to potatoes. This was my first time using all oak for fuel with only 1 chimney of kingsford blue bag charcoal. For the chicken I mixed some butter with Famous Daves Rib Rub and stuck it under the skin. Then I coated them in some olive oil and then rubbed them down with more Rib Rub and Brown sugar. The Country style ribs were coated in olive oil and then rubbed with the same rub. Smoked for a total of 5 hours, at the 4 hour mark, I coated everything with honey and then a mix of Meijer brand honey bbq sauce and thick n spicy sauce. The potatoes were smashed up with some butter, milk, garlic salt and some black pepper for some awesome potatoes. Didnt get to eat much of it, due having to be at a Halloween party, but it will be lunch today!!

    on the smoker

    two hours in

    4 hours in and sauced


    smoke ring almost all the way through.

    Forgot to take pics of the chicken, it was a little dry due to a flare up on towards the end, 2 pieces were blackened pretty good, but still decent.
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    Looks good to me!!

     What's a "smoke pron"??

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    Looks very good to me!


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