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  1. [/Thought we'd give the ole pepper stout chuckie a try for this weekends smoke.

    Below, are the start thru finish foil and prep. Final product soon, (we hope).:biggrin::

    and, of course, the annointin' o' da Guinness.


    Final test was these Sammie's on ciabatta rolls. Love this better than pulled pork. We used bell peppers, jalapeño, onion, garlic and Worcestershire sauce, with plenty of BCP/salt.
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    And ,undoubtedly you "Bless it with CBP/Salt [​IMG]  It is Beef . . .and called 'Pepper-Stout' , right . . .[​IMG]

    Show us the results , looks good so far...[​IMG]
  3. Thanks, old school. Just a side note to this; my wife used the leftovers in some chili and it turned out great. Really good.:yahoo:

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