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Discussion in 'Poultry' started by smok-e-j, Oct 11, 2014.

  1. smok-e-j

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    Well Got started a little late after getting called into work late last night. I really didn't have a  plan going into today on what I was going to grill or smoke this weekend, so decided to do my first beer butt chicken.  I went and got a almost a 6 pound clucker from the local publix.  The day started so nice, and I was hoping that chance of rain was just going to skip over my parts, buuuuuuttttt that didn't exactly happen, but I'm being resilient and still cooking that SOB! I made the UDS knowing i would run into rain someday, so today is the day my friends. We are are going to see if this thing will hold a respectable temp while being absolutely poured on. It's held 225 steady for about 30min so far. So we shall see....... Here what I've done so far.  

    Gettin Da Rub ready! closed my eyes and through the pantry in there!

    DAT RUB!!! Gave it a mayo massage then threw my mystery rub on there 

    AND THEN.... this happened but I still knocked down about half a beer, shoved it in the butt and put her on the UDS

    We'll see how it works may bet finished in the oven. 

    I'll be back to let you know how everything turned out!  Happy Saturday! 

  2. smok-e-j

    smok-e-j Newbie

    Ran out side to get a quick Q shot during a brief intermission in the down pour.   I didn't realize it, but when I was putting  the clucker on during monsoon. I lost  a lot of rub. Whoops! O well! A for effort.  Temp seems to be holding well despite the constant onslaught of cold water being dumped the UDS!

  3. mdboatbum

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    The chicken looks great. The bottle opener and cap catcher on te UDS is absolutely BRILLIANT!!!
  4. smok-e-j

    smok-e-j Newbie

    Yep it wasn't an optional decision.  Grill will go out if theres not a beer in your hand at all times. Maybe not, but I'm not willing to take the risk to find out. Or at least thats what I tell my wife. 
  5. It should be good. Nice UDS! I sure do like mine.Keep the pics coming and the lid closed.
    happy smoken.

  6. smok-e-j

    smok-e-j Newbie

    and here it is.   Was absolutely delicious.  This will definitely be new staple.  It is soooo moist and tender with a nice smoke ring on it, and the skin is nice and crispy.   


  7. oldschoolbbq

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    Looks great . BCC is a Hoot to make ... and damn good too!

    Later and . . .

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