Santa brought me a new smoker!

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  1. Hello!

            I'm new to the site as of about 20 minutes ago.  What I have is an Old Country Pecos smoker and want to use it later on today.  If there's anyone out there that can give any advice on how to get started I would surely appreciate it.  I have three avg-size turkeys and three Boston butts to smoke and I'd like to get started today!  Thanks in advance for your help. 

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    -I am not familiar with the old country pecos smoker.  the Boston butt is one of the most forgiving pieces of meat to smoke.  I always take mine to 165 internal temp and then foil them.  I take them to 195-197 pull them and put them in an ice chest for at least an hour before pulling.  They are really a piece of cake to do.  I smoke my butts at 235.

    Now for the turkeys, it is imperative that you pay attention to the 4 hour rule for pork and poultry.  Basically the rule states you must keep the time the meat is between 40 and 140 degrees to less than 4 hours.  Failure to do this can make someone sick.  Turkeys are better smoked at higher temps.

    The search bar at the top of the page can be your best friend here.  Have a question or a problem just search it. 
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