Salumi curing question: Temperature/humidity.

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    Hello everyone. :)

    I want to try and make my own salumi, namely Prosciutto, Pancetta and Capicola.

    The plan is to let it dry in my parents garage (it's insulated). But it's winter here in Denmark so the temperature will stay around 39.2F-60F for the next 2-3 months.

    And now for the questions:

    Is it too cold to start now?

    I think (but I will have to measure) the humidity is around 55-65%. Is that too high when combined with the low temp?

    Any help is greatly appreciated. :)

    I could also use an "approval" of my meat curring techniques! :)

    I plan on using this approach for Capicola and this one for Prosciutto  .

    - but I would like my meat to hang and dry in the garage wrapped in cheesecloth (like this guy does with his pancetta ) instead of vacuum packing it like they do in the two videos (last step in the two first videos).

    Would this be a safe/sane approach?

    Again, any help is greatly appreciated. :)

    Kind regards Anders Greibe Nielsen.
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