Salty Tasting Summer Sausage

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  1. I have made venison summer sausage twice now using Hi Mountains pepper and garlic.  I also used another seasoning I bought.  I followed the directions to exactly for the amount of seasoning and cure.  The summer sausage on both was to salty.  What could cause the taste?  I ground the venison and pork, then sprinkled the seasoning and cure on the ground mixture mixed then added water and mixed again.  Fried a sample and it was a bit to salty for the wife and I, I am befuddled.  Any ideas?

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    What type of cure are using?
  3. My wife tasted the cure on her finger and thought that was where the salty taste came from.  Could there be to much salt in the cure?  If the salty taste is coming from the cure and the directions call for a specific amount it cannot be changed can it?  The cure is made by Hi- Mountains and the ingredients are salt, sugar, sodium nitrate (85%) and caramel color.  It calls for 2 Tbs of cure for 3 lbs of meat.  What other cure could I use or could I add something to this cure?

  4. On the sodium nitrate the amount was(.85%)

  5. Do you like much salt on other things? Some people don't add salt to anything. their for cured meat is to salty. Try a differant brand.

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    You could make your own personal mix of  spices and cure #1....   Then all the seasoning and salt could be adjusted to your taste.....  And it's cheaper also...  If you are curing the summer sausage in a curing chamber, cure #2 should be used...  


    EDIT:  Below are recipes and stuff from members here.....
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    I also find HI mountain and most store bought mixes too salty (cabelas brand mainly) but the "seasoning" it self I like. I did my last batch of jerky using cabela's seasoning packet, but used cure #1 with the proper amount per pound.. they came out SOOOoooo much better to my salt liking. Just an idea. 

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    [​IMG]     The high mountain also contains MSG. Use cure #1 and the mix only next time

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