Salting/dry brining a brisket ???

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  1. So Im due to smoke another brisket this weekend, so far Ive had OK luck with brisket and wondered if anyone has experience dry brining a brisket? Ive done several roasts that turned out spectacular but not real familiar with brisket. 

    Im assuming if I dry brine it, it could alter my cook time, as it may break down quicker.

    Just tossing it out there!!! 
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    Never tried it, but would like to hear how it would come out.

    Keep us informed.

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    Probably will come out like corned beef,,just thinking..

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    Dry Brining and Brining in general has a much greater effect on flavor and moisture retention of the meat proteins than it does on breaking Connective Tissue. Additionally, Dry Brining only has an impact on a few millimeters of the surface as opposed to a hunk of Brisket soaking for a week or more in a Wet Brine. There will be little change in cook time to tenderness, if any...JJ
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