Salt Pork Or a version there of.

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  1. vance hanna

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    I am doing a Version of Salt Pork, I started with a Sirloin Pork Roast, Hit it with Cure Number 1, Then I put a thick layer of Kosher salt in the bottom of a vacuum sealer bag, Put the Sirloin roast in the salt and completely covered the roast in Kosher salt and Vacuum Sealed the bag. My Question is How long should i leave it in the salt? Its about a 3 or 4 lb roast.
  2. vance hanna

    vance hanna Smoke Blower

    I used about 3lbs of Kosher Salt to totally pack the pork in Salt. But I rubbed on Cure #1 Before I packed it in the salt. It is also being stored in the fridge so the temp is controlled. Just trying to figure out how long I should leave it in.
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    Did you weigh the Cure #1 so you added the proper amount.... If yes, then one day per 1/2" thickness plus 2-3 days... or longer...

    If the roast is 4" thick, 8 days + another several days would be in order... That being said, meats over 2" thick should be injected with cure because surface rubs are inconsistent with meats over 2" thick for a short term, fast curing cycle....

    Your recipe seems strange to me.... are you using an approved recipe from somewhere ???
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  4. vance hanna

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    yep Weighed the Cure for the 3lbs of pork roast. The recipe is based off a recipe for salt pork that was used as the primary meat Source for military back in the 1700's and later and earlier as well, its an old historical method and recipe  that i changed up and modified a bit to use modern equiptment. It called for basically Meat Scraps from Butchering a pig, then you pack them in salt with nothing else. I added Cure, packed in salt,and vacuum seal the bag and im storing it in the fridge while it cures and draws out the moisture.
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  5. daveomak

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    The meat will probably need to be hung in a cool room for a few months... I would guess the temp should be less than 50 degrees F..... and humidity around 50-70%.... do they give any numbers for drying temps and time....
    After the curing time, the meat should probably be on a rack so it doesn't sit in it's own moisture.....
  6. vance hanna

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    i was thinking about getting an umai bag kit to do the drying.
  7. Hello.  Confused here. This post jumped from "A" to "B".   Are we talking "modern" salt pork ( as in what you get at the local grocery ) or an "old style"  salted and dried pork ( almost jerky ) that the Confederate army [​IMG]  would have carried to use to "season" dried beans, greens and such?  Trim off the mould and add a "hunk" to the pot.  Is this to be used in a reinactment  or are just curious if the old recipe works?  IF a reinactment then some research must be done to keep it totally authentic.  I did some black powder; before 1850/70 stuff in my younger days.  Just curious.  Keep Smokin!

  8. vance hanna

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    Confederate army  Version made with Modern Equipment and this is just for my own personal use for seasoning my Mustard Greens and such. 

    Here is what i did step by step.

    Rinsed off the Pork Sirloin Roast
    Patted it dry with paper towels
    Rubbed down the Outside of the roast with the proper amount of Cure #1
    Put about 3 inches of Kosher Salt in the bottom of a 1 gallon vacuum sealer bag and nestled the roast in it with the cure on.
    Filled the rest of the vacuum sealer bag with Kosher Salt, Enough to make sure the roast was completely covered in salt.
    Sealed it up with my Vacuum Sealer and put it in the bottom of the fridge to cure in salt.

    I added Cure #1 just to help ensure safety, the Orginal recipe i seen just said to pack Scraps of fat and pork left over from butchering in salt.
    Being a bit more modern and using modern day salt that has been totally purified I didnt want to trust just packing it in salt, now if i had salt from the 1600,1700,or 1800's I might have JUST used the salt, but i thought it smarter and safer to hit it with cure # 1 first.

    The salt is Still Leaching liquid out of the pork and you can see wet spots through the salt as of now but not enough liquid to totally dissolve the salt as of yet, not even sure if there IS enough Liquid in the thing to dissolve all the salt in there lol, i used like 4lbs of salt to pack the roast in.
  9. vance hanna

    vance hanna Smoke Blower

    I am considering taking the meat out when its done curing, and packing it in a new vacuum bag of salt and putting it back in the fridge to let the salt pull more liquid out. Then Rinse and Repeat. Or maybe ill just smoke it when its done curing at call it a day lol
  10. Hello Vance.  I would leave it to cure for at least 7 days.  So!  This is a southern thang!  Mustard greens!  I will expect an invite to THAT meal!  [​IMG]   Pork belly and mash taters?  Maybe some cornbread?  Don't make me book a flight brother!    [​IMG]

    As I am sure you know there will be a difference between salt pork and smoked cured pork/bacon.  Have fun.  Keep Smokin!

  11. vance hanna

    vance hanna Smoke Blower

    Actually, in this case its a Northern thing as i live in NW Ohio which means there is 1 state between me and Canada lol .I got the Greens Growing out front right now! My Ex wife is Black, which is where i picked up my love of greens, her mom's greens were amazing! Yep I know there is a difference but i was thinking that true salt pork is great but it might be even better with a cold smoke and a touch of hickory. just to add some depth to it lol.

    Oh yes there will be corn bread and taters no doubt and prolly some ribs as well lol
  12. [​IMG]   Sorry to hear the marriage didn't work out but you did get SOMETHING out of it.  [​IMG]   From Texas, now living in England.  My wife is VERY British!  But she has learned.  Ribs, mustard greens, mash and cornbread?  She asks: what time is tea ( supper )??  Also: No beans  ( as in pinto , Texas style )??  Hope it all works out great for you.  Am sure it will.  You are on the right track.  Keep Smokin!

  13. vance hanna

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    Don't be sorry im not, the day of the divorce is one of my top ten best days ever. Not much on beans myself unless they are fresh green beans. Yep Ribs two sides and a bread lol
  14. vance hanna

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    Got Some Umai Dry bags on the way so i am considering once this is done in the salt pack cure stage I will then put it in the Umai Dry Bag and dry it out. Any reason this would be a bad idea?

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