Salmon with other things in the smoker question

Discussion in 'Fish' started by tcaptain, Apr 19, 2013.

  1. Hi guys,

    The weather is finally halfway cooperating so this weekend I will be seasoning my new smoker (A Masterbuilt Pro dual smoker).

    I had planned to smoke a chicken sunday afternoon and we invited some friends over (smoking's better when shared right?).   Now my buddy's also excited about smoking (though he does not have a smoker himself) and a great cook and has just let me know he plans to bring over a salmon filet to put in with the chicken.

    I've been searching the forums because while I've done pork and chicken, I've never done salmon.   

    I had been planning to smoke the bird for a few hours at 225 or so.

    I've been seeing that even hot smoking a salmon happens at 180-200.  

    Is 225 a problem?

    What sort of issues do I need to be aware of, what could I run into?   I'm not preparing the salmon myself (my friend is brining and preparing before bringing).
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