Salmon...What can I say it's SALMON!!!!

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  1. I marinated it for about 13 to 14 hours in:

    2 tablespoon of fresh ginger

    1 diced jalapeño

    1/4 of soy sauce

    1/2 cup of orange juice

    5 tablespoon of honey

    2 shots of bourbon

    I tablespoon of minced garlic

    Next put a fan on the fish for a couple of hours so that  pellicle start to form:  I did 1 with the fan 1 hour in the frig and 1 hour on the other side with the fan.  The fish is starting to dry out a little bit with no moisture on the outside of the fish, this is so the smoke can really take to the fish.

    pellicle start to form

    One the smoker

    After 4 hours of smoke:

    And the plate, it was so good!!!  We had some Salmon from the store that you heard on the TV and radio " Honey Smoked Salmon" My wife told me that this tastes real close to it.

    It was smoked with Hickory in the hopper in the Yoder and Apple in 2 amazing tubes....MMMMmmmm good stuff!!  I want to try it with Maple next time instead of apple. Pulled at 140 degrees.

    Thanks for looking.

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  2. Not sure why my picture aren't showing up but the links are there.
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    Photobucket isn't supported here.  They actually are off site links.  You can "download them" to a folder in your computer and then upload them here.  Use the "insert image" button and you can put them in that way.

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  4. Thanks Kat!!! Pictures are up.

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    That salmon is gorgeous! Beautiful color! Great job!

  6. great color!! Nice job!!! I'd tear into that!!

    only soy for the salt then oj and honey for the sugar....hmmm, i may have to try someting like that.

    do you know what the temp of you smoker was??

    I cut my teeth on smokin salmon, thats how my additction started... as you know salmon is the gateway meat to hardcore meats

    thanx for the brine idea!!
  7. Thanks Kat and Phishy.

    Phishy my smoker was at 150 degrees to smoke it for about 3 hours and then I turned it up to 180 to finish it off.

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    Very nice results.   What store did you buy it from?
  9. very nice! love salmon. thanks for sharing :)
  10. COSTCO
  11. blacklab

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    nice! I need to try drunk salmon soon
  12. drunk salmon? is that what happens when ur salmon is left in the cooler with the beer? lol.
  13. LOL, it might be!
  14. blacklab

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    no no no that's brined and pickled. lol
  15. That looks so fantastic! Cheers! - Leah

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