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  1. At my family's request, I am going to attempt to smoke my first salmon.  Is there anything I should know beforehand? Any tips, concerns, etc.? Also, is Mojo Criollo an appropriate marinade for salmon? Thanks!!

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    Lets make a distinction here for folks.  You are going to be cooking salmon in your smoker, not smoking salmon for preservation or storage, which is an entirely different process. 

    I'm not familiar with Mojo Criollo marinade other than what I've read online about it.  The ingredients are water, salt, orange juice concentrate, lemon juice concentrate, garlic, onion, spices, sugar, 0.1% sodium benzoate and potassium sorbate.  That will give you a tangy, acidic, and savory salmon. Definitely worth a try. 

    Advanced methods of cooking salmon involve brining and forming a pellicle.  Since this is your first attempt, keep it simple. 

    My wife is not a fish lover at all, but she loves the following simple recipe.  You can pick up the salmon from the store, take it home and cook it immediately without any of the advanced prep. You could easily substitute the Mojo Criollo for the soy sauce below.    

    I make a little boat of HD aluminum foil, put down a little soy sauce, kosher salt, and brown sugar.  Lay the fish skin side down and put more soy sauce, kosher salt, and brown sugar on top.  Then I cook in the smoker with my wood of choice at 215--225F until the top starts to look a little dry.  Then I check the IT to make sure it is greater than 145F.   

    Here is not so great pic but you get the idea. 

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    Check out  cmayna's posts or search salmon candy.

    Simple & delish!

    Or keep it simple & use pop's brine for 4 to 8 hrs. dry to a pellicle, smoke between 160 - 180 til 140 -145 for moist fillets or dry longer if you like.

    Lower smoker temps make a drier product for snacking or eating cold, similar to buying ( God forbid ) smoked whitefish at the market, higher temps. produce a hotter dinner type result. I like a lot of smoke so many times I'll smoke a few hrs. at 140 - 150 to apply a lot of smoke then I bump temps up 180 - 200 til a 140 - 145 internal for a hot supper.
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  4. Thanks for the detailed answers, guys!!!!
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    What was the answer? Are you cooking a salmon in a smoker or are you smoking the salmon? If you are cooking a salmon, place the salmon on a cedar board soaked in water for about 2 hours. The cedar board will give it added flavor. You can also put the board right on a grill. It may start to burn a little, but that's ok. I buy my cedar boards from Home Depot, they are called fence boards. Be sure to buy cedar because they are not treated. Wash them good before you use them.

    If you are smoking salmon, let us know.  
  6. cooking salon in a smoker.

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