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Discussion in 'Fish' started by duffman, Mar 22, 2015.

  1. I got some salmon at the store today and thought bout smoking to go with some steaks. I notice I might be in trouble since I don't have a brine ready to go for them? I noticed that every one seems to brine them over night then let them dry during the next day. Not enough time for that as you may guess. Do I need to brine or can I just throw them on with some rub and smoke them? Thanks for ay help!
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    Yes you can. There seems to be a hundred ways to smoke salmon. I don't brine or dry, and I don't use sugar. So go for it!
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    Hi Duffman

    Here are some links that may help. I have used both we and dry brine and I prefer the dry brine.

    The one I prefer leaves the fish as a lightly smoked salmon fillet. They are great to freeze and always taste good.

    If you are looking to do a more traditional smoked salmon then let me know.

    Don't forget to post photos [​IMG]

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    If you are attempting to do this today, I'd say just grill the Salmon on say some cedar plank, etc.  Otherwise if you really want to smoke some you could do a dry brine for say 2-3 hours and then do a hot smoke so it can be  done in an hour or two.  It might be more of an entrée as compared to a smoked Salmon snack.

    So many choices................
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    I marinade my salmon for about 4 hours in the following and I absolutely love the way it comes out and flavor
    1/3 cup of brown sugar, water, and soy sauce. I add a tablespoon of garlic and onion granules whisk and pour over the salmon in a zip lock bag. Fridge and let it rest. Before putting on the smoker I take paper toweling and pat any extra moisture off the outside of the fillet. Have family that's not huge into salmon and they love it. Takes about 2 hours on the smoker at 225
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    It all sounds yummyfull
  7. I tried this with some salmon I grilled yesterday. My wife loved it. She said she is going to make me make that again. Thanks!


    Now I need to find an open weekend to try it on the smoker.
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    I am glad this worked for ya Duffman! She may even enjoy the smoker kind better but hey atleast she's got a liking for it! :grilling_smilie:
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    I like hickory for it because it takes away from the sweet some but apple would be good! Maple made it sweeter.
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    Thanks for the recipe!
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    not sure if it was mine but glad you found a recipe you liked!

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