Salmon Patties

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    Tonight decided to cook a few of our Salmon patties from this past Salmon season harvest. Patties consist basically of the meat from scrapping the bones back when we filet the fish. After scrapping and chopping down to small pieces, we vacuum seal the meat into patties after mixing in a few special ingredients such as bread crumbs, parsley, etc. Dipped into a plate of panko crumbs and cooked in some olive oil & buttah'.


    A few potatoes and green beans on the side:

    Our favorite 3 Salmon sauces:

    Tapayakin' from my iphone
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  2. Hey that's fantastic how you use the authentic parts of the fish that you have, and then whip up such wonderful treats! Great job! Cheers! - Leah
  3. I should delete my account on this forum...

    All the posts , and surely the pictures , make me drooling and showing those to the misses give always the same comment : "Yeah , that looks great , when will you make that ?" , so give me work also.

    So about those patties : on the "to do list" for sure.

    Nice work !!!
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    That looks good enough to eat!

    Seriously though, the thought of salmon patties made from fresh salmon makes my mouth water!

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    Looks great Craig! Just cooked some fresh Dungeness crab patties that were fantastic!!!!

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