Salmon Fillets Tomorrow

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  1. I get antsy when I don't get to smoke as often as I would like. Tomorrow will be eight days since my last smoke. Although I made salmon steaks just a couple of weeks ago, I am compromising for the sake of my family and smoking salmon fillets.

    Earlier I posted a question about marinating salmon but didn't get much of a response. As of now, I plan on marinating in teriyaki (spelling?) sauce. Does this make a good marinade? How long would you marinade it for? What IT am I looking for, too?

    As always, I appreciate any tips, hints, concerns, etc. that you may have. Thanks in advance for your time and cooperation!

  2. Cooked salmon till 145 degrees. Hard to keep temp low enough and it cooked quickly. Couldn't get temp lower than 200 as suggested.
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    I share your pain. Well ...used too. Until I got a big chief smoker. What are you using?
  4. An  offset Brinkmann Outdoor Living smoker, Kingsford briquettes, and hickory mini logs. Cut down number of charcoals used in both the fire box and the chimney starter. Obviously, I still needed to cut down these numbers even more in the future

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