Salimi or summer sausage

Discussion in 'Sausage' started by lead dog16, May 3, 2016.

  1. I am not sure what I am doing but I get a thick crust around my sausage it is a little dark in color compared to the sausage and a bit chewy, i have followed the directions on smoking using high mountain sausage but I cant seem to figure why i get this tough crust around the sausage.  What do you suggest.
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    John I seen your other post.

    1 - What is the temp inside the smoker?

    2 - Can you show a pic of the sausage?

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    Yep we need a bit more on your process.

    Are you using the casings that come in the high mountain kits? or something else. Shooting off the hip, but it sounds like you are running your smoker too hot.
  4. My first batch of summer sausage did the same, I found leaving the water pan in there a bit longer mitigated the thick rind I got on my first batch.
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    That's what I'm thinking—pending further information.

    Excessively high temps tend to produce dry (and chewy) 'crusts' on the product. Plus, at high temps for extended periods you run the risk of 'fatting out'— melting the fat leaving behind a dry, greasy stick….
  6. Thanks for the input.  I followed the directions on the high mountain kit I bought . I let the salami get to room temp before putting into the smoker, I thought this was my problem.  I started out low to dry the casing and then reset and added smoke like the directions said.  I have a temp gauge on front of smoker watched that it didn't exceed the called for temp. Then when it reached the called for internal temp I reset the temp to the next called for temp.  After the first reset I added a water pan.  The first time I made it it had a crust and the casing was loose and wrinkled, salami was great but had the crust.  This time the casing is kind of tight and stuck to the meat and the crust seems a little thicker, it still is delicious it is just I would like to figure it out to make it a better product.  When sliced thin the crust is less notable its when you cut off a chunk you notice the thick crust when you bite into it.  I am perplexed just trying to get some feed back so when I make the next batch I can try something else out.

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