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Discussion in 'Sausage' started by mds51, Jul 2, 2014.

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    On several trips to New York we visited and ate the great Delis up there. They have their Salami hanging all over drying out and hardening. The Salami I make is very similar to there product and I use Cure #1 for my recipe. Is it safe to hang these smoked Salami in a cool area of the home to dry out and harden. I fully smoke and or hot water bath these Salami to 152 degrees internal temperature and get a great product but would like to see how they taste after hanging for a few weeks.
  2. RTBBQ2 is correct. Cure # 2 is used for long term aging of salami type products.

    I made a cold smoked salami in the past that had a nice smokey flavor along with all the other seasonings.
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    Cure 2 is used for fermented, raw dry cured products.  You are correct in using cure 1  when making a cooked salami (salami cotto).  There should be no problem with hanging your salami in a cool room for a while.  I almost always hang a ring or two frm a batch of smoked sausage in a temp of around 65 for a couple of weeks.  The flavour intensifies and it's fun to break off a piece now and then.  Never had any spoil.
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    Thanks for the responses. I am almost certain that the New York Deli Salami contains cure #1 and is definitely not a dry cured sausage. I will try a stick and see how it does. We always hung the Salami that we brought back so that it did harden and the flavor was improved.
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    MDs51, would you want to share your recipe for the salam de cot? 

    Btw, I grew up in an Italian family and my grandma had salam hanging to dry in the cupboard.  I was just a kid then and wouldn't have thought to ask her about temperature for hanging.  They tasted pretty good as I remember.

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    Guess not.

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    PM him..... he may not have looked at this thread again.......
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    Thanks Dave, I don't know why I didn't think of that. I'm about half goofy three fourths of the time.

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    Sorry I missed your recipe request and just saw it today. I am always glad to share my recipes but this one came from the Dakota Stuffer site and it really is close to the flavor of the New York Deli Salami with a few adjustments. Go to the Dakota sites and under their recipes look at the one for Thuringer Sausage. I made it following the recipe except I added more Corriander than listed and I ground it fresh from seeds. The flavor and amount of oils given off by the Corriander when it is ground fresh really makes a difference. This is my third batch of this Salami and It gets better each time. I am also going to add fresh garlic and see how tha afffects the taste. Other adds could be mustard seed instead of ground mustard or a little of both. I used all 80/20 ground beef and the texture and taste were excellent. I stuffed the mix into 21/2 X18 Flat Fibrous Casings that I get from the Sausage Maker Company. I let them sit in the Fridge over night and then warm up on the counter for an hour and then into my MES for an hour at 110 degrees to dry out . I then put my AMNPS in the MES and take the heat up to 120 for one hour and raise the temperature each hour up to 170 or 180 degrees. The last batch of 4 Salami only hit 122 degrees internal temperature so I finished them off in a 180 degree hot water bath to get them up to 152 degrees internal temperature. I then Ice bath them to stop the cooking process for about 30 minutes and then dry and let them sit on the counter for a few hours. I then vacuum seal them and either share with family or refrigerate for a few weeks. They are gone before the few weeks ever happens. I made ten pounds of snack sticks using the same recipe and they also were great. The snack sticks stayed in the smoker until they reached 155 degrees and then were left out to cool and bloom as they say. I forgot to say that I used Hickory pellets in the AMNPS and the smoke flavor for 5 or 6 hours of smoke time was perfect and you could still taste the Salami flavor and spices. I have pictures from the entire process but have not figured out how to post them or taken the time to learn. I will be glad to send any or all of this information to an email address if that is allowed on the forum.
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