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Discussion in 'Propane Smokers' started by nate85, May 15, 2016.

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    I built my own smoker and I'm going from electric to gas. I found a thread on here to use my PID controller to control my temps. I went to use a mr. heater thermocouple safety but the thermocouple is to short and none of the universal thermocouples seam to work with it. anyone know of any other safety valve like the mr heater I could use that has a longer thermocouple.
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    Maybe you could run a small tube from the gas supply to the thermocouple and have a very small flame for the thermocouple to sense.....

    I've seen gas hot water tanks use that "remote flame" to "fuel" the sensor....   You will need a very small valve to adjust the gas flow to a small flame.... 

    Essentially, bring the flame to the sensor.....
  3. What is the point of this safety your trying to implement? I am assuming your purpose is if the flame goes out for whatever reason that it doesn't spew forth gas?

    If that is the case, all propane tanks made in the past 10 years or so have automatic high flow shutoff. There is a check valve built into the tank that if the flow rate passes a certain amount it fails shut. So essentially if the flame gets extinguished the flow rate of unimpeded gas will activate the shutoff. Even if the tank valve is only cracked open the shutoff will activate.
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    The safety system is for....   In the event of a flame out, from the wind or whatever, it will shut off the propane so you don't create a BOMB... 
  5. Modern propane tanks already have that safety built in. Its why you don't heat of propane explosions all the time on the news. Unlike natural gas from a utility company, a propane tank has an automatic high flow failsafe. Whenever there is no flame to burn the gas the gas begins to exit at a very rapid pace, and even if the tank valve is barely cracked open it will still actuate the highflow safety.

    Give it a try sometime, you will be surprised. To reset a tank that has actuated its highflow vale, close the tank valve completely and wait about 10 seconds or so and then reopen it.
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    Thanks guys, yes the safety is to shut off all gas to the smoker in the event that the flame goes out. This one runs off natural gas. The burner is in the shape of a T, I'll just run some holes on back from the burner 2" to make it work I have enough room too. Just figure I'd check to see if anyone knew of a different valvle
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    PW, evening....    The idiot valve you are speaking of......     Shuts off the propane flow in the event you open the tank and did not hook up an appliance.....

    It does nothing in the event of a flame out, once an appliance is up and operating...  The propane just keeps on flowing....

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