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    My friend and colleague Ben Gorrell pointed me to this site.

    I was a smoker when I was a kid, but I didn't know it -- my dad built a huge smoker on an axel that can be pulled by a truck. It is big enough to smoke 4 whole hogs. It uses charcoal. I used to help him cook pigs and serve the pork for weddings, graduations, anniversaries, retirement parties, etc.

    I "smoked" a brisket once but at one point I wasn't happy with the heat, so I squirted a bunch of lighter fluid into already-burning charcoal, and then the ignition singed my arm-hairs and eyebrows... :-D

    I seriously got into smoking a couple of years ago when I bought a Pit Barrel Cooker -- http://www.pitbarrelcooker.com/

    Since then, I've done steaks, burgers, chicken wings, beer can chicken, brisket, tri-tip, st. louis style ribs, country style ribs, boston butt, a whole turkey, a whole ham, onions, potatoes, cheese, salmon, and trout -- to VARYING degrees of success!! :)

    I get many compliments on my results, but now I'm obsessed with perfection. I want to build an ugly drum smoker, a vertical barrel smoker with a separate wood/charcoal department, a smoke house out of wood/concrete, a pig roaster with cinder block pits, a Hawaiian pig roast with a pig in the ground, a trailer smoker, etc., etc., etc.


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    Hi Ryan!


    to SMF!

    Glad to have you aboard!


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