Rustin allready

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    She ain't been out side a week and rusting all ready. Guess I'll be chasing rusty spots for a while with a spray can. That's what I was afraid of not priming with etch primer first.
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  2. Hello.  I think I have a solution for you.  A tip I learned here ( thanks Stan ).  After you cook your fine meal and when the smoker is JUST cool enough to touch, wipe it down with paper towels and veg oil.  Needs to be done while the smoker is still pretty hot so the "pores" ( I don't know the scientific terms ) of the metal are still open.  After it really cools wipe it down again to take off any excess oil.  Now when you fire it up again it may smoke a bit but it doesn't hurt the food inside.  Do this a several times and soon you can just wipe it down after every 3-4 smokes just to keep the surface protected.  As I know you just built this and I think I remember you are a body man you know how clean heated metal will rust over night.  You would think the paint would not allow the oil to penetrate but so long as it is hot the oil will do it's thing.  Rain will just bead up and run off.  Hope this helps.  Keep Smokin!


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