Russian sausage from bush pig

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  1. Hallo all, I started with primitive sausage grinders , battled a bit to force feed the mix into the loading area into  the skin, yes i followed a recipe of a book that i have, after the sausage has been made, i smoked them for 1 hour and cooled them with a hosepipe , then cooked them at 72 deg celcius for 20 minutes, thereafter i cooled them with ice water, letting them get dry, and then into the fridge. next day fried one in a frying pan and tasted, yes tasted good , but kind of tough, not soft and juicy, well i made a lot , here is a picture of some.

  2. africanmeat

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    Can you give us some more Information of the recipe  and your smoking so we can see why it is tough?

    nice color .
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    Was there enough fat on that bush pig?  probably should be aiming for 20% fat.  If not that could be part of the problem.

    But as above, give us some more info.

    They look good though.

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