Russian sausage from bush pig

Discussion in 'Pork' started by zzerru, Mar 5, 2012.

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    What type of Russian sausage? I've never had any but would  be curious to know what seasonings went into it. If it was a bush pig did you add any extra fat? Has a nice rustic look.
  2. The seasonings were ordered here locally, SA, 1.200grams , it's a complete mix with Sodium nitrite etc . Russian and chips is a typical South African take-away food - pork sausage and chips.   the small period in the smoker, gave my sausages the slight smoky flavor of the traditional Russion sausage, I added about a third of pork belly. Frying it in oil makes the skin crisp, i WILL have to like it - i now have a lot !
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    Looks great fielies...........................[​IMG] nice color. Do you have an open shot  [​IMG]

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    X2 They do look good the method is interesting too. Cant think of an [​IMG]equivalent in sausage terms. Although there is a chinese sausage that hangs in the window next to the BBQ pork&duck that looks close. I cant get the sellers to let on how they are made,pretty tasty but fatty. There is a few real artists on here when it comes to sausage ,( not me) that might be able to help you with the next batch when you finish this batch. Maybe fry up a big batch now that our rugby seasons have started.
  5. how do i fix the over larg fotos , my threds and fotos are gone

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