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Discussion in 'Pork' started by jag reddog, Oct 28, 2014.

  1. jag reddog

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    Hello,I usually cook Boston Butt  in my Masterbuilt 30 " smoker.The last time the temp was right 205F but the butt didn't have the bone wiggle.Weight is 6-7 lbs.

    So I injected-rubbed-put in the frig-overnite.My issue is this = the next day after unwrapping the butts -the apple juice/rub has washed off.Its a sloppy mess..

    So should I inject the night before-then add the rub-then smoke or what?

    Im a guy that likes to prep the day before=inject-rub.

    Thanks for any help.Peace
  2. Because of the salt content in a lot of rubs, moisture is pulled out of while it's rubbed and wrapped in the fridge. Most will pull it out of the fridge and unwrap and re-sprinkle with rub to reapply and then put it in the smoker the day of the smoke. 

    Edit: Realized I didn't comment on a couple things. The 205 finish temp is a guideline...a bit a good one. Probe the butt a couple times with the pointed end of the therm to see if it glides in and out. That's when it's truly done. Also, there no reason the inject a butt. There's so much fat and juiciness in there already. Add a bit of apple juice to your foiling juices or to your pulled juices.
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  3. chef willie

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    Not sure about the AJ infused rub...sounds more like a marinade. Me? I just lay the rub on heavy the night before with MAYBE a EVOO coat, usually not on pork though, or so it seems to me. Then, in the AM I scope out the rubbing and if needed apply more rub in some bare looking spots or if it looks a little thin. That's it....then into the smoker to do it's thing. At 205 IT, I'd expect that bone to slide right out so something is not accurate. I normally smoke butts (well, about everything) at 225-250. So, I'd check terms for accuracy and adjust from there. HTH, Willie
  4. jag reddog

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    Makes a lot of sense.I meant the internal temp to be 205(my bad).Ive just read/tv/internet that you need to inject the night-before.Rub-ect then smoke.Well I did  the rub an inject the night before.Like I said but it seemed to be washed off-messy.

    I think im missing a step or over-doing one.Thanks for your help!!!
  5. bearcarver

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    Mine are always ready to pull at 205* IT, but all hunks of meat are different, plus your therms could be off too.

    There is no need to inject Butts, and if you do inject, or put a meat probe in before you start, you broke the seal of the roast, and you should treat it like ground meat.

    That means you should get that roast from 40* IT to 140* IT in no longer than 4 hours.

    That's one of the reasons I never inject, and I don't insert my meat probe until it's in the smoker for at least 3 hours.

    Here's a Step by Step of one of my Butts:

    Pulled Boston Pork Butt         

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  6. chef willie

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    I figured you meant IT....205 a little low anymore to smoke at, & many are doing 'fast & furious' now ala Myron Mixon. Follow Bears tutorial, it's tried and true for many things. Some inject, and many more don''s personal preference. Some foil...some don't...again, preference. you will find what works for you & your's after a few smokes.....Willie
  7. stickyfingers

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    Inject the day before somking. Rub the morning of..while smoker comes up to temp.
  8. jckdanls 07

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    when putting rub on the night before it will dissolve all the ingredients and turn the rub into a wet marinade(so to speak).. I believe this is what happened... it's normal... this is how the rub saturates into the meat a little bit... just put another light coating on before putting in the smoker...
  9. I have tried a variety of methods over the years. What we like is NO injections, and Rub just before putting on the smoker, Not saying this is the only or correct way, just the flavor and results we like.  Pork Butts have a lot of flavor and fat content, they will be juicy on their own unless way over cooked. To me 205 º is the magical number Bone slides out clean and when you pull and mix in that great bark WOW, one of our favorites

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  10. bearcarver

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    Awesome looking Brisket !!!

    Must Be From Texas!!

  11. Awesome looking Brisket !!!

    Must Be From Texas!!


    Thank's    The Real East Texas


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