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  1. Hey guys i have a few questions that i would like to get answered and some feedback on a rub ive been working on for about a year now. 1st is im cooking some spare ribs for Christmas dinner, i figured it would be a little diffrent and go along well with the turkey and ham and other things. Anyway, there will be about 30-40 people, so do you think 3 slabs will be enough, im sure not everyone will eat them. Also should i use the 3-2-1 method also, i want them to be tender but not super tender. Also the rub ive been working on has been getting some good reviews from the neighbors and family members whenever i make it so i wanna share it with you guys and see if you ever heard of anyone using some of the ingredients. Paprika, Onion Powder, Garlic Powder, Kosher Salt, Chili Powder, Black Pepper, White Pepper, Cumin, Cayenne, Brown sugar, regular Sugar, Cocoa Powder and finally Orange zest. I rub the Ribs and wrap them overnight and the next day add a little more rub to it before going on the smoker. Anyone ever heard of using cocoa powder and orange zest. Also instead of using apple juice when i wrap the ribs i use Cherry juice and Coke...always turns out great.
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    I cook 3 slabs when I'm only having 10 people over.
    But then that's the main course.

    As far as your rub goes sounds like that would be a neat little twist on the flavor. There is nothing wrong with that especially if you have gotten positive feedback.

    You want a few more people to comment on your ribs then maybe cook 1 or 2 more racks. Better to have leftovers than it is people asking "hey, what happened to the ribs??"
  3. Ya sounds like a plan. Spare Ribs are on sale right now 1.49 a pound so i should pick up a few more anyway.
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    I made a platter of ribs for an Xmas party that had plenty of other food as well and about 25 people. the ribs went very quick. If it was me, I'd plan on 6 racks which will give you about 72 individual spare ribs.

    The rub sounds nice. Mine is similar, I use cinnamon as my special ingredient. Thanks for sharing your rub recipe :)
  5. No problem. The Orange zest gives it a nice flavor especially if the rub sits on it over night. Also dont use to much cocoa powder....a tbs is enough and use the real stuff not nesquik
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    I would atleast double the ribs myself.....

    The rub sounds good too...Never head of using cocoa but Like Racey said I use a bunch of cinnamon in my que but not on the meat itself, beans sauce....
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    I have to also agree with chris and racey for to double the rib count cause you want everyone to get some and most of the people are going to go for the strange or out of place meat. Most people don't serve ribs for christmas it is the usual ham and turkey with all the fixins to. You rub looks good and if you are already gettin good reviews with it then go for it. You say that add alittle orange zest and cocca powder to the mix it sounds differant but maybe one that deems tring too. Now this is also the first time I have ever heard of using cherry juice and coke for a spitrz either but again just differant enough to maybe try it too.[​IMG]
  8. Ya always turns out pretty good. The orange and chocolate gives it a unique flavor and the cherry and coke adds more fruit tones and keeps it nice and sweet
  9. Sounds good. Points for creativity!
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    Sounds good! I actually use a tiny bit of cocoa in my chili recipe sometimes.

    Also, regarding the spares, 3-2-1 will work nicely. As far as the quantity, that's a tough call. Since you are having hame, turkey, side dishes, etc...I personally wouldn't do more than 4 racks of the ribs - but you know the crowd attending your gathering - not me!

    It would be different if there was no other main course there, I think.

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