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Discussion in 'Beef' started by mpeachhead, Aug 5, 2008.

  1. mpeachhead

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    I've got one in the freezer, and I was thinking about trying it on the smoker this weekend. I'm worried about it drying out, being tough, etc. Do you recommend a brine? If so, what's a good recipe for one?


  2. seboke

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    According to me...

    thaw in the fridge, dry rub with your favorite steak rub the night before, plastic wrap overnight in the fridge, smoke that baby to 145 at 240-250. Wrap in foil, wrap in a towel, let it rest for an hour. Great medium slices. If ya want to shred it, go to 160, splash in some liquid & wrap in foil, take it up to 195 esentially braising the meat), then sitll in foil, wrap in a towel, rest it for an hour and that sucker will fall apart. The week's just started, but I'll be watchin for your results - good luck!
  3. white cloud

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  4. mpeachhead

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    Thanks, guys. White Cloud, your link didn't work for me.

    Seboke, that sounds almost too easy to be true. I'm going to go for it though. I'll take that baby out today and start letting it thaw. I'll post pictures for you next week. My fingers are crossed.[​IMG]
  5. white cloud

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  6. lcruzen

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    I'd suggest Seboke's method for medium slices or even 135o for medium rare. IMO that is the best use of that cut of meat.
  7. bassman

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    I agree with lcruzen. Medium rare helps keep it juicy.
  8. mpeachhead

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    Well, damnit. Now I don't know what to do. Seboke says 145. White Cloud says 195 (nice pictures, by the way). That's a helluva difference. Is it safe to say that anywhere in between would be edible?

    I'm thinking of putting it on Friday evening late, stoking up the smoker before I go to bed, wrapping it, and leaving it there until morning at which point I'll put it in the oven and bring it up to temp by lunch. If I do that, I'll probably need to use White Cloud's method, as it will probably go over 145 during the night.
  9. white cloud

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    Well it is nice to have options. I bet either way will be fine. Thats just what I chose that day...Good Luck and let us all know
  10. nick

    nick Meat Mopper

    I did a whole eye of round for the 4th. I injected it with a honey/bacon/bbq marinade. No bacon wrap, just rub. Took it to 145 degrees, pulled it, wrapped it and let it sit in the ice chest for 2 hrs.
    It sliced wonderfully. (Med. Rare) Good Eats n Good Luck!
  11. mpeachhead

    mpeachhead Fire Starter

    Thanks, Nick. That's exactly what I have. I'm going to put it on tomorrow morning. I'll take your advice.
  12. mpeachhead

    mpeachhead Fire Starter

    Man, I could kick myself in the butt this morning. I forgot to take pictures. I put a chicken, a rack of spare ribs, and the eye of round roast on at 7:50 a.m. Satruday. The grill was around 250 degrees. I did a 2 1/2-2-1 method on the ribs--best I ever made.

    I let the round roast unwrapped for 2 1/2 hours. I then wrapped it when I wrapped the ribs. It never hit a plateau--climbed steadily for nearly six hours. I took it off when I took up the ribs. It was at 184 degrees at that point. I left it wrapped and stuck it in the oven for a few hours. When I got ready to eat it, I poured off the drippings, made au jus, and sliced that baby. It was very tender and sliced perfectly. Everyone raved about it. I've been making sandwiches with it ever since. I never would have believed that a round roast would have turned out so well. I think I'm done with briskets. I haven't done one yet in less than 10-12 hours. This thing was ready to eat in six hours. I used up 6 dollars's worth of charcoal in the entire cooking!!

    Thanks for all the help, guys.

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