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Discussion in 'Pork' started by 25mike87, May 3, 2013.

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    OK so I have been gone a while for work and finally back home to the smoker. while I was gone I went to Kinetic brewing Co. in California and had root beer pulled pork and it was awesome!!! I want to try to make my own.  after searching on-line my idea is to put the pork in a foil pan that is 3/4 the depth of the meat then fill 1/2 with root beer the whole time its in the smoker. just one question will the root beer will it boil/ burn. the soaking in root beer is based on a lot of slow cooker recipes that I have found online but my biggest concern is burning  the root beer what is everyone's thoughts 
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    It shouldn't burn if you keep adding more if it evaporates. But if its in a pan you shouldn't have a problem. You can also reduce some root beer down to a syrup on the stovetop and use that to mop to get more flavor as well I would imagine!

    Make sure you post some Q-View!
  3. never heard of it...interested in seeing what comes of this...youd think if you were worried about burning because its syrupy or what ever youd just add a little water to it. idk..waiting on others to chime in..
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    I'm doing something similar to this over the coming weekend, but I'm going to reduce the root beer down to almost a syrup as mentioned above and inject some with apple juice and some rub, then mop periodically with the remaining root beer.

    I have absolutely no idea if it will be any good, but I can't imagine it won't be...

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