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Discussion in 'Roll Call' started by ringo71290, Jun 6, 2014.

  1. Hey guys, my name is Brennan from here in Missouri. Just got a MES 30, 1st gen, and I am starting my smoking career. Any suggestions on my first smoke? i was thinking a ham but wasn't sure what would be a good starter for a noob. Any advise would be much appreciative. Look forward to any comments!

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      Welcome Ringo. Glad to have you with us!  Have you checked out Jeff's free 5 day e-course?  Lot's of good info there. If you want to do something quick and easy to get your feet wet, why not start with  chicken. Use the search bar for whole, half, spatchcock, or leg quarters. You will get plenty ideas, then ask any questions you might have. Plenty people will be glad to give you good advice.  Happy Smokin' !

  3. Thank you! i will definitely look into that!
  4. Hey Brennan, a big welcome from East Texas. Glad you joined the group.  Maybe start with some chicken. its cheep and easy. That way you can get the feel of your new smoker, make sure it is working correctly before you do a long smoke.  Good Luck

    Gary S

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