Rookie Mistake :(

Discussion in 'Pork' started by ryan miller, May 13, 2012.

  1. It's been awhile since I've done my last smoke and decided to do one of the wife's favorites, pulled pork. I pulled out the 10lber i had in the freezer already all rubbed up and got it nice and defrosted. Got the Smoke Hollow dialed in and got some Jack Daniels chips in the tray and the pork butt in at around noon.

    Was having some problems getting the smoker above 215ish (which no the problem is obvious) but it was going steady. Did my last check at 9pm, prok butt sitting at 153, and went to bed. Woke up at midnight for work and to my surprise the smoker had gone cold, check the temp of the meat and its sitting at 120 :(. Looks like the reason i had trouble getting temps up was due to a gas leak, only thing i can think of since this was a new tank.

    So got the oven at 225 and threw her in. Got over the 140 mark so i know the meat is safe, just not sure if its going to taste good once i get it up to 200.
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    That shouldn't have dried it out that much; going past the danger zone and then back into it I'd refer you to JJ tho for his opinion just to be safe.
  3. Just probed and was sitting at 200-205 depending on the spot so it got pulled wrapped and in a cooler. Got squirted when i pulled out probe so a good sign that meat didn't dry out that much. Plus finishing sauce will help put some moisture back in.
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    It should be alright since it was in the Smoker, no new contamination, and it was up a 150*F...JJ
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  5. Thanks for the comments. It made for a very good Mothers day dinner and so far no sickness, lol.

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