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  1. Hi all, I am very new to this and will be smoking ribs this weekend. I have one rack of ribs so of course I will have a lot of extra space in the smoker....(MES 30)

    I am looking for other recommendations of what I can fill the smoker with that would be similar to the rib temp and time. (225 for 5hrs). (Will be using the A-maze-n pellet maze, for the first time)

    I realize I could probably have 10 different things going at once, but I am so new, I just wanna keep it simple...

    Any ideas to fill the racks??

    (All I have done so far is a turkey, some cheese and salt)
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    Ya gotta try some ABT'S or maybe a fattie
  3. I have heard the fatties term before and have a fought idea of what that is....but as for ABT, I am lost...?
  4. ABT'S are atomic buffalo turds. Stuffed jalapeños wrapped in bacon. Cut the jalapeños in half lengthways and de-vein them. Fill them with whatever you like. A mixture of your favorite shredded cheese and cream cheese is the most popular but I have also used boudin, pulled pork, chopped brisket, use whatever you think you will like. Then either top with a slice of bacon or wrap the whole thing with bacon, use thin sliced not thick. Hold it together with a toothpick and smoke for 2 hrs at 225.
  5. Perfect thanks, buffalo turds it is!
  6. ABTs go with everything!
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  8. I couldn't wait til Saturday....I have baby backs, ABTs and pork roast on now!
  9. What's the secret to this mailbox? I have drilled 3 extra holes and the AMNPS still burns out every 25min or so.... :( very frustrating...

    Also the pellets that came with the maze don't seem to have any "flavor" to them. I have added a few hickory chips to the smoker to get some sort of flavor going....
    Still excited to eat...I am on phase 2 of the 2-2-1 technique for the ribs, ABTs done in about 15min..

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