Rookie (First Brisket)

Discussion in 'Beef' started by midmob25, Dec 29, 2013.

  1. Here is a few pictures of my first brisket I smoked yesterday. Only my third thing to smoke ever. Let me know what ya think.

  2. Lookin Good.  Keep Smokin!

  3. oops!
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  4. dockman

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    Looks good to me!
  5. geerock

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    Looks good. What did you smoke it on? And forget how it looks...... how did it taste?
  6. I have a masterbuilt double door gasser. The taste was amazing. It was a hit for sure at family dinner that night. 
  7. [​IMG]I made my first brisket last year and now my wife will hardly let me smoke anything else because she loves them so much.
  8. little smokey

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    My wife has liked my brisket with Jeff's rub both times I made a flat, then I tried a flat with just lots of Salt and pepper.  Now she does not want it any other way, the last one made was a full packer and the burnt ends were amazing also along with the salt and pepper sliced flat.  
  9. Looks really good! Did you cut it cross grain or long grain?  Was it melt in your mouth tender?
  10. I did cut wrong. However, it was still pretty tender. Lesson learned about cutting though.
  11. We have all done it!! Go to you tube type in how to cut a brisket or on this forum go to the search box and type it in.  good info.  You will do well and when you cook one that good and cut it properly they will be all the more proud of your "smokin'"!!
  12. I rubbed this one with A-1 Bold Rub and was amazing !!!!!! 

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