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Discussion in 'Beef' started by smoke-daddy, Jul 23, 2015.

  1. smoke-daddy

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    First post!
    Planning my second brisket smoke this Sunday. First one came out good but I never separated the point, so I didn't have burnt ends. Also didn't rest it after the cook. I'd like a critique of my plan if you all would be so kind. My plan is simple:

    -Start with a 12-13lbs Angus brisket
    -Inject beer, salt, and pepper the night before. Cut fat off point, trim as needed.
    -Rub with salt,pepper,paprika,chili,garlic, and onion powder.
    -smoke at 225 until internal temp is 200.
    -Separate the point and flat.
    -Wrap the flat and place in cooler.
    -re rub/sauce the point and smoke until it hits 205.
    -wrap the point and place in cooler for a couple hours.

    My biggest question is regarding the rest period. The flat will be in the cooler for at least 3 hours. Will it continue to cook? Do I need to think about taking the brisket off at alower temp? Any other ideas/criticism would be appreciated as well! Thanks Steve
  2. noboundaries

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    Sounds like a solid plan.  Don't worry about the flat in the cooler for 3 hours.  Long rests like that work nicely. 

    As far as the temp to remove the brisket don't forget about the probe test.  When a probe (toothpick, temp probe, etc) slides into it like it would into warm butter, it is done.  Since you are going to smoke it at 225F you can start probing it at a lower IT, say 190-195F.  I do briskets and chuckies at a higher chamber temp because I like them to be done more quickly and find that 200F works nicely most of the time.  Your point temp is solid.     
  3. aggie94

    aggie94 Smoking Fanatic

    Plan looks good.  You could cook it a little higher, 225 to 250 degrees, get done a little quicker.  The rest really helps to tenderize.  Last 2 steps, enjoy tasty brisket, post pictures!
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  4. smoke-daddy

    smoke-daddy Newbie

    Thanks guys.  Sounds like I'll cook at 250 and get a little more sleep then!

    I like that probe test.  I like going by feel on things.  :)
  5. twoalpha

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    I'm in for the results.[​IMG]
  6. I never Inject a brisket,  What did the beer do to the flavor. ??

  7. smoke-daddy

    smoke-daddy Newbie

    I'll snap some pics of the process then.  :)
    I've never had good brisket before so I don't know what it would normally taste like.  However the beer wasn't overwhelming, I couldn't taste beer.  The meat was moist and flavorful but it could have been that way anyway. Honestly I watch too many BBQ shows, but it gave me a reason to buy a six pack of good beer and find a home for the other 4.
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  8. Beer is good !!!     Drink the beer, smoke the brisket, you don't need to inject.

  9. smoke-daddy

    smoke-daddy Newbie

    So this cook was an exercise in being flexable and keeping a smile on my face.  I woke up at 5am started the smoker trimmed the brisket and it went in at 6. Sun came up, it was a little cloudy but no signs of rain.   Watched the smoker until 7am while sipping on some coffee, rock steady at 250.  Dozed off and at 8:30 the dogs are barking and I hear thunder.   Its pouring!  Smoker is down to 150 and my digital thermometer is toast.  I covered everything, got the smoker to 225 and ran off to get another thermometer.  I picked up a Weber digital, tested it in boiling water and hooked every thing up.   Crisis averted.......NOT.

    I fought the smoker all day to get the temp higher than 225, but no dice.  After about 7 hours I got the internal temp to 165. I took the brisket off wrapped it and replaced the probe. After only 2 more hours it was up to 197.  The probe test seemed good, but I think I was fooling myself.  Seperating the point some the flat I decided they both need more time. I put the probe back in the point and got a reading of 174 which seemed to be a big drop. It stayed at 174 for ever. Finally I get it and it turns out the thermometer was stuck at 174. At that point I just pulled everything off and rested it.

    I believe the meat ended up being a little undercooked, although it was a little dry for my liking as well.  I dont think it was over because it wasnt falling apart so I am not sure why it was a little dry. I wish I knew if it was over or under for sure.

    At the end of the day I had 12 people at the house who enjoyed the brisket tremendously. I got the relax, have a couple beers and a nice cigar.I also smoked a portk shoulder which was the best I've ever had.  So the day was a sucsess!
  10. noboundaries

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    Undercooked brisket will taste dry. The collagen is where it gets its juiciness from and should it not melt because it wasn't exposed to high enough heat long enough it will taste dry (wow that was a crappy sentence, but true). Live and learn and try again.
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  11. aggie94

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    Yeah thunderstorms can really ruin a plan.  Glad it turned out OK.
  12. smoke-daddy

    smoke-daddy Newbie

    Live and learn. Now I know
  13. mummel

    mummel Master of the Pit

    They sell Coleman instant canopies for under $100 I think?  I have one but am trying to find a permanent storage solution.  Right now the smoker is on my front porch ........  I had a plastic shed picked out a Costco but they pulled their summer stuff while I was away on vacation.  Epic fail.  I will have to wait until next spring.  Any place you can get your smoker some cover?
  14. smoke-daddy

    smoke-daddy Newbie

    The kicker is that I have a canopy, but things looked pretty clear so I didnt put it up.  When I woke up I was able to get it up and dry things out. 

    The upside to this is I believe I got the approva(wife)l to set up an outdoor kitchen so I'll have a long term answer.  :)
  15. oldschoolbbq

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    I too do not inject a Brisky. My only seasons are Kosher Salt Cracked Black Pepper and maybe some Garlic and Onion powder.

    I cook a 225*F and do not wrap ( I like the Bark) .  Once placed in my preheated Smoker , it stays closed until I read 195*F and test . I get a nice moist and tender piece of Cow.

    Play around with your smokes and you'll find a sweet spot . All it is ,is practice .

    As for a canopy ,  Make a shed to cook I .. I call mine a Q-Bana

    Have fun and . . .
  16. smoke-daddy

    smoke-daddy Newbie

    Thats a fine looking piece of meat!

    What you built is almost exactly what I am thinking of making!

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