Rollin A Fatty: My Version

Discussion in 'Fatty Sticky' started by silverwolf636, Jan 7, 2010.

  1. Thank you and your wife for the wonderful tutorial! I plan to try one or two by the end of the week!!!

  2. wadlec

    wadlec Newbie

    Thing of beauty! Will try for sure! 1st time to the forum and learning things to drive my doctor crazy already[​IMG]
  3. Awesome job on explaining. I had never heard of a fatty before this and very excited to try one. I assume you can put just about whatever you want in that thing?? My opinion is that pork fat can make anything taste good!!
  4. ok i would like to a fatty with  bacon pulled pork and mac n cheese. wrap that in jimmy dean sauge and cover that in bacon any thoughts?
  5. dougmays

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    what is the point of the plastic wrap prior to making the bacon weave?  seems like your roll itup in that just to unroll it 10 mins later? is that just to keep it in the fridge? Also do you need to roll in plastic again once the bacon weave is around it if your going to cook it right away?

    Also one more queston...what is a general rule of thumb for internal temp and cooking temps? since all ingrediants are different i'm not sure how i'll know if i'll be done

  6. The reason is to tighten up everything . You twist the plastic wrap good and tight ,this seals the ends and gives it a uniformed look. and the temp of one of these is 165.  
  7. dougmays

    dougmays Limited Mod Group Lead

    awesome thanks!  so 165 for any kind of fatty
  8. o0infidel0o

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    Thanks for the how-to...followed your instructions and finished off my first. I cooked mine a little hotter than what I have been reading, 275*F for two hours. I used thick sliced bacon, and wanted to make it more crispy. Anyrate, thanks again!   [​IMG]
  9. mr mri

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    Thank you SO much for the detailed post!!

    I am prepping my first fatties now and will have them on the smoker today by 3 pm EST.  I plan on bringing them to my family's Sunday dinner...Cannot wait to see the look on their faces :)

    Once again, great job!

    I will post my pics soon...hopefully my product turns out as nice as yours!


  10. samuel trachet

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    I have been inspired. Gonna try it. Thanks for the tutorial!!
  11. bluewolf

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    That has got to be the easiest tutorial I have ever seen!!!

    only way it would be easier is if you did it for me!!!

    I so gotta try this!! I especially like your "florentine" recipe, I love spinach

    and provolone have to pass on the spicey sausage tho (wimpy stomach)

    but I bet whole garlic cloves would go good in that!!!!!

    on average how long do you think it takes to cook one?

    I usually cook by eye and am trying to learn temp/time w/digital thermometer

    Thank You and the Missus for a wonderful tute!!!!

    This is one girl that's gonna surprise the poop outa her old man!!!! *grin*

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  12. silverwolf636

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    Most of the time I don't go by "how many minutes."  I go by internal temp which I take to 165 - 170.  

    Thanks for all the great comments.


  13. bluewolf

    bluewolf Fire Starter

    That works for me!!!!

    I hate "time tables"

    BF gets mad all the time wanting to know how long it will take for my steak to be done

    I am a rare/almost mooing kinda gal..I know when it is done when it looks like it's done

    can't give you an exact time

    Which is funny cuz he sticks to "time tables" and almost always his meat is overdone/to almost shoe leather......

    Thanl you again for the beautiful "tutorial"

  14. samuel trachet

    samuel trachet Fire Starter

    I am inspired!! Rolling mine today, Smoking tomorrow. Thanks for the GREAT tutorial Ray. The step by step was super helpful. 
  15. bomccorkle

    bomccorkle Newbie

    AWESOME! !!! Sticky please.
  16. billyj571

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    Great Tutorial... Do you have one for bacon weave and Temp and lenth of time too cook it?
  17. gmasterpfautz

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  18. cowgirl

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  19. Yup. May as well go to the best food blog on the net. Right Jeanie?
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  20. This answers some questions I had.  I have only done 2 fatties, but I am hooked on the concept.  Thanks for the info and ideas!

    One last question, after you roll the fattie, do you refrigerate it for an hour or so?  I was told that it would help set up and prevent a blowout.

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