rolled a fatty and smoked it, started making bacon and then took a nap!

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  1. My gosh...20 years ago that would have been a completely different meaning than it does today.  Started out with 2 Boston Butts that I had brought to the island from the last time I was back visiting family in MN. They thawed and I decided to slice them up to try my hand at bacon.  Having received a sampling of cure and instructions from Todd...I went for it.  Didn't take any pics because I figured if it was a flop then who would know...but then decided to do a couple.  Here is a link to Todd's recipe:

    Nothing from in-process, but here is the result of the fatty as I mentioned in the title.  JD sausage with some cut up turkey slices, sweet roasted peppers, motz cheese, some stubbs sauce and a smattering of "Island Peppers" on the outside. Smoked with some pieces left over from the butt cutting.


    As for the butt chunks., once I removed the bone and got 2 slabs for bacon, I trimmed off some chunks that were falling away and decided to throw them in a foil pan and onto the grill they went along with the fatty next to it.  The chunks got a good dose of Jeff's rub.  All were smoked with an AMNPS with apple pellets on the Weber Kettle.  Beautiful bark and pulled very easily and very moist!


    The butt slabs are in the fridge for their 10 day cure - each in their own bag (4 of them).  I'll update this thread once cure time is over and I'me ready to smoke them.  Should be interesting in the kettle!


    Thanks for looking!

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    Love your subject line - and yes, a few years ago that would be something WAY different.  

    That Fatty looks great [​IMG].  Good job.

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    Don't Bogart that fatty, man.......

    Looks great, and yes, the subject line did get my attention.  I still (somewhat) remember the '70'.........

    Somewhat, not due to age.  For some reason parts of that decade are a bit reflection.......
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    :th_Slab_of_meat: looks great
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    Looks delicious John!
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    I been Jonesin' for a Fatty!...JJ
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    No Ocean Views!!!

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    Josh, beautiful work there!  Nice color and texture.  Keep it up!
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    Great job John

    Looking forward to the finish [​IMG]
  11. Todd, since we hopped to the small island and took real jobs, our living quarters got downsized and further from the water. That are 2 just for you! Sunset the other day, then a pic of a big cat that stopped by work to say hi and see the new location:


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