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    Happy Robbie Burns Day to the Forum!

    We thew a Burns Dinner party last night, and I took the opportunity to show off my favorit new toy, an MES 30.

    Smoked a brisket flat and a sausage stuffed pork loin.

    Brisket was salted for a day, then rubbed wil a black pepper based rub, injected with broth and smoked for a loong time. I'm still getting used to how long this takes (and this was my first brisket). on at about 10 p.m. at 225. It was wrapped at 6 a.m., IT 150. Came off at 4ish, IT 203. Wrapped and in the cooler for a few hours.

    I was worried that with such a long cook it would be all dried out. But it wasn't, it was very good. Couls maybe have pulled it a couple of degrees sooner, but it could still be sliced, it didn't fall apart.

    Stuffed pork loin was inspired by the sticky over in the Pork section. I made my sausage, a Bulgarian kyufte. Brined the loin for a day in a mixture of AJ, salt sugar and some seasonings. Covered it with peccorino regiano and the sausage. Rolled it, rubbed with a paprika based rub and smoked to IT145, glazed with a mahogany sauce (from another Pork sticky) made with our own aprocot jam, and wrapped till dinner.

    I was tempted to smoke the haggis, but I held off... maybe next year.

    Salad, starters and sides were all very good. I'm a little light on Q view, but I'll attach what I have. Guests may come up with more photos, which:biggrin: I can add later.

  2. It all looks good. I see this is your first post. When you get a chance will you drop by roll call so everyone can give you a proper SMF welcome?

    Happy smoken.

  3. good looking smoke, and welcome to the forum, there are good people here that can help you with alllllllllll of your smoking problems, do not believe me, just ask.

    good luck & welcome


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