Roasted pears with (Canadian eh) ice wine and maple sirup reduction

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    Hard to resist the cornucopia of fall harvests. Have done today an apetizer and a side out of local produce (see my two other postings in Fruit, Nuts, Vegetables) so why not desert.

    Bosc pears are ideal for cooking.
    I sliced the bottom off (so they stand nicely) and set them in a tray with a mix of ice wine (which I made) , maple syrup , ground clove,a cinnamon stick and lemon rind.

    Off they went into the grill, cooked covered until soften a bit. Every once in a while I would baste the pears with the syrup and replenish the icewine. At the end I let most liquid evaporate to get a thick caramelized reduction.
    Here they are served with freshly picked raspberries from the backyard. Doesn't get more local than that. LOL

    Kids had it with whipped cream (real).

    I've done this before but cooked the syrup to a glaze rather than thick reduction. Different flavour structure but just as nice. I recommend both.
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  2. [​IMG]Looks fantastic!

    Happy smoken.


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