roasted gsrlic and beer pellets??

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  1. I was in Cabela's the other day and they had a bag with their lable of roasted garlic and beer flavored pellets. My inital thought was no way they are any good, but the more I think about them the more I want them to be good :)

    Has anyone here tried them or any other such "flavors"
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    Hmm...I haven't tried that, but I'm certainly intrigued.  Do you recall, how big a bag...and what cost?  Its about an hour's drive to the nearest Cabela's from me, but it might be worth a road trip.

  3. It was a 20lb bag and I think they were about 20 bucks.  There was only one bag left, and it was on the self with the traeger and one other brand of pellets.  the prices on the shelf were from about 18.00- 21.00 but I didn't look to see which was which.

    Yep 20 bucks a bag|104754780|107806680|&WTz_l=RI;IK-551417

    and here are some of the other flavors

    Rosemary and Thyme


    then the normal apple, cherry, Adler, hickory mesquite and pecan

    The one bag of roasted garlic and beer is all they had of their Brand at the store in South Denver on Monday, so they may be new
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    Cool...thanks JD.  I doubt I'll make a special trip, but next time I'm over that way I'll stop in and check those out.


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