Roast Beef sammie with bottom round with Q

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  1. After perusing the forums..thought I'd give a bottom round roast ($1.99/lb deal!) a try to make a big roast beef sammie, and of course, fridge/freeze the remaining for sammies at a later time. Mucho cheaper than buying roast beef at the deli.

    Couldn't decide on which rub I wanted to use, so I did 2 roasts. One with montreal steak seasoning and one with italian spices.

    Montreal Steak on the left, Italian spice paste on right.


    Smoked to 133* with hickory, rested in foil, then placed in fridge overnight for sammie the next day and to be cold for slicing, cut in half to make it easier to slice on my cheapo harbor freight $17 slicer:

    Sliced both up:

    On french bread, 1st poured a bit of au jus on the bread, then the beef, then layer of sauteed mushrooms and green peppers, then mozzarella and ready for oven:

    Warmed, melted, and toasted. Had au jus on side for wife to dip hers in. As far as which one was better...wife and son leans towards the montreal steak, I leaned towards the Italian spiced, but both were pretty dang yummy! Next time, think I'll add more beef and more cheese and maybe pour some more au jus on it after it's toasted. Son wants it once a week or more. Thanks to SMF for the ideas!

  2. That looks real good. Sure wish I could run up on a deal like $1.99 lb.
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    I found USDA Choice bottom round at our Albertsons for $1.99  I be getting me sum..Tom

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