Roast beef ideas from my smf family?

Discussion in 'Beef' started by munkiestyle, Aug 5, 2014.

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    My father in law handed me a vacuum packaged, pre cooked, "cajun seasoned roast beef" as the package indicated, and asked me to smoke it. It looks like one you would ask your local deli counter for a pound sliced for sandwiches. I smoke in a MES 40 2nd gen using an AMNPS in a mailbox mod for my smoke generation.

    I plan to smoke it at 200° until I reach an internal ttemp of 135° using cherry wood. Does this sound like a good plan of attack? Have any of you pit masters tried something like this with pre cooked roast beef? I do alot of butts and ribs and everyone loves them so he has high hopes of what I can do with this. Any ideas or advice is much appreciated.
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    Hmmm, pre-cooked.  Never done it but basically you're using your smoker as a re-warmer.  Definitely better at the low pit temp.  I'd do it in a pan to catch any drippings and would not go any hotter than 135F IT like you said.  You'll have to keep us posted how it turned out.     
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    Yeah ill pretty much just be warming it up to rareish temp and giving it some smoke. I feel like the lower the temp the longer it will get smoke thus the smokier it will be but i dont want to heat it for too long and dry it out either. I think I will serve sliced thin with smashed taters, gravey and corn on the cob. Mouth is watering already!
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