Roast Beef Day

Discussion in 'Beef' started by duffman, Aug 10, 2014.

  1. Doing some roast beef on the smoker today. One for dinner tonight and tomorrow night. The other to slice thin for lunches this week on some bread I have in the bread maker.

    They are each about 4# and are top sirloin that's I got at Sam's yesterday afternoon.

    I also have about 5# of chicken breasts on there. I'm goingito freeze those this winter.
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  2. I pulled the roasts at 130, wraped them in foil and have them in the cooler. Just pulled the chickens and they look great!
  3. Cut up the roast beef after a little under an hour in the cooler. It was a nice medium rare to almost rare. We paired it with some corn on the cob for a perfect dinner.
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  4. Last night I vacuum sealed the smoked chicken and some raw steaks I got on sale over the weekend and threw them all in the freezer.

    Then I thinly sliced, the best I could, the other sirloin roast. I froze part of it for later and put the rest in the fridge for sandwiches this week.
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    Looks tasty Duffman.  Did you chill the sirloin before you sliced it ?
  6. Looking GREAT!!! 

  7.   Looks great, and many meals to go for your reward.

  8. I chilled the one I sliced for sandwiches and sliced it the next day. The other one I cut hot and in thick slices for dinner that night and then warmed up the leftovers again last night.

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