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    Trying something new again.  This time ring bologna.  Many years ago there was some quality ring bologna.  Course ground was my favorite texture.  When you buy the ring bologna in stores what do you get?  A whole page of ingredients that most folks cant understand.  So I ordered some from Curley's.   I just can't do the seasoning by itself.  Never tried it before but  I add garlic to a lot of what I make, and I also added mustard seeds and of course to all of my smoked sausage, powdered milk.  Here is what I used:

    7 pounds of pork trim.  [pretty much the same as pork butt]

    3 pounds of 80/20 ground beef

    1 pack of Curley's Ring Bologna seasoning [enough for 10 pounds]

    2 T mustard seeds

    3 T minced garlic [from the jar]

    2 cups of powderd milk

    3 1/2 cups of cold water

    2 tsp of cure# 1

    Here is the meat I'm using.  I got the meat of some of the pork loins and pork butt.  Ground beef was on sale.  I really like using some beef in my sausage.  Something I got from my grandfather who had a meat shop in Germany.  

    Ran it through the medium plate one time and mixed all the ingredients in there.  The cure, seasonings, and garlic went in the water to get mixed and the powdered milk and mustard seeds i  just spread over the meat.

    Stuffed the mix into hog casings and tied them up the old fashion way.

    Put them rings in both smokers.  Not enough room for all of them in one of the Masterbuilt 30.  Not all the rings were the same size but no complaints.  Just the way it works out sometimes.  Set the smoker at various times like most folks do.  Used a mix of oak and maple.  Topped off the temp at 200 deg. until I got a internal of 155.  Then I pulled them and cooled them off in ice water.

    They turned out very good.  

    And tasty also.  Really turned out great in all aspects of the process.  Looks like some of these will be headed for deer camp.  Next time i'll order a larger amount cause I'm sure the family will want more.  Reinhard
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  2. boykjo

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    Looks great Rein.....................[​IMG]

    I'll have to find that deer camp some day.....[​IMG]
  3. c farmer

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    Man that looks soooooooo good.

    Points for you
  4. ndwildbill

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    Looking at that finished product is making my mouth water...great stuff!
  5. danmcg

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    Nice job, They sure look good from here!
  6. okie362

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    If it tastes as good as it looks you definitely have a winner!
  7. daveomak

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    Good looking sausage Reinhard.... Do you leave the beef in a coarser grind.. just for texture that is...
  8. crankybuzzard

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    Great looking links!  Looks like I'd love most anything you make if you use mustard seed and garlic in it, those are 2 main go to's for me!

    Ah deer camp, since my hunting buddy of 20 years passed on in 2011, I haven't been to a deer camp.  I couldn't sleep for the 3 days leading up to opening weekend due to the anticipation of not the hunt, but the camaraderie...  Post some pics later in the year.
  9. driedstick

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    Morning Reinhard, them there sure look good, Elk/Deer start Sunday for me if you want to send some fed-ex I am sure They will get here in time. LOL 

    Nice job!!!! [​IMG]

  10. tropics

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     Reinhard That looks great,I'm hungry now.Thanks for sharing


  11. reinhard

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    Thanks everyone!!!!  Dave,  I just take it out of the tube as shown and grind it with the pork.  Kind of mix it in as I grind with the pork.  I'd love to use chuck roast but that's 5.99 lb. vs. 2.99  for ground chuck on sale.  Cranky Buzz,  Sorry to hear about the loss of your hunting buddy.  Hopefully you get to go out again.  This is something I look forward to as well, since I was kid.  I remember as a kid back in the late 60's when I first went out there.  I just about cried as I had to get off the stand on the last day of the hunt.  We hunt in northern Minnesota along with the wolves.  Love sitting around the campfire at night with a few brews and talking about the day's hunt.  Being there with the guy's is the main deal and if we get a deer it's a extra bonus.  We eat well.

    Last season started out well with the weather.  Here is my son-in-law and Lee [great Chinese chef] relaxing on the day before the season opened.  We had to leave a day early because of a big winter storm.  Took us 7 hours to drive 180 miles back home.  Drove my truck up our driveway in 20 inches of snow.

    We didn't need coolers LOL.

    Sun just rising.  Temp was around 30 degrees. This is from my stand.  We don't have any fancy boxed in stands.

    Yep, that fire at night is the greatest after a day's hunt.

    Had to pack up my trusty camper after 5 days due to the storm coming from the south,  Just hated to leave.  Bucks only last year.  Seen some does but no bucks.  We had two bad winters in a row and along with the wolves, that took a toll on the deer population.  The herd is coming back, with the good winter we had last year.  This year we have a lottery hunt along with bucks only.  So we can apply for a doe tag if chosen.  If not we can still hunt for bucks.  Even if the closed the season last year I still would have went up there. Just to be there and maybe hunt for grouse instead.  We ended up with 24 inches up at the deer area that day with 20 inches at our house so it was a wise choice to leave.  I will post pics of this season after the hunt along with whatever I'll be making at that time.  Hopefully some deer pics.  Reinhard
  12. crankybuzzard

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    Great pics and memories right there!  Thanks, I needed that today!  [​IMG]
  13. driedstick

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    Great pics, Wish we had snow or at least rain here right now everything is on fire and a lot of the areas are shut down. 

    I can't wait for our late season. 

    Good luck on your hunt. 

  14. disco

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    Great looking project. I am adding it to my list of things to try.


  15. reinhard

    reinhard Master of the Pit OTBS Member

    Thanks DIsco!!  As you say in your wonderful video's  "You Can Do It".[​IMG]  Reinhard.

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